Eagle Park was Louisville's baseball park before the new one to the south was constructed. A new 24 foot travel trailer was destroyed. Injuries  3 December 21, 2013 Injuries:  96 Eagle Park was demolished, and the baseball diamond's bleachers were destroyed. Path length: The tornado did occasionally reach closer to the ground, causing significant damage to two structures. Injuries: Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile, NCDC gives nothing. Deaths: Injuries:  0 Path length: Deaths:  0 Deaths: Noted discrepancies:  NCDC does not give a liftoff lat/lon. A rock garden was blown 25 yards upwind. Counties:  Hart Severe damage was sustained to several barns, street signs, bird houses, and metal poles that were bent or snapped. Continuing to the east-southeast, the tornado downed numerous trees in a cyclonic pattern on both sides of Spencer-Hamilton Road south of Loretto. Injuries:  1 We recommend getting 3 quotes for any construction project. Path width: Path length: May 21, 2010 Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from two miles west of Adairville to Schochoh. Deaths: F-scale:  F0 The tornado peaked in intensity on a farm just north of Sexton Lane. Injuries:  0 Tornado families, or "cyclic" tornadoes, can be very difficult to record correctly without detailed scientific field surveys. April 3, 1974 EF-Scale:  EF-1 In one concentrated spot two dozen trees were snapped off. March 28, 1997 Time:  10:22pm EDT At the end of the path a house suffered roof damage, a 30 foot by 50 foot shed was destroyed, and a small grain bin was twisted and thrown 100 feet. Two barns were destroyed. Time:  3:10am One single wide mobile home had siding panels blown out in several spots. The tornado track continued at a residence on New Bethel Cloverport Rd. Noted discrepancies:  None Path length: January 22, 1957 Path length:  16 miles Injuries:  98 There will often be a delay between tornado occurrences and their inclusion here as we wait for surveys to be completed and data to be gathered. Time:  2:10pm Counties:  Orange F-scale:  EF2 Path width:  100 yards A mobile home and three barns were destroyed. Counties:  Grayson Injuries:  0 Notes:  The tornado traveled mainly over plowed fields, but was witnessed by at least three people and did do some damage to farms. Injuries:  0 Notes: This small tornado destroyed one outbuilding in addition to uprooting and snapping limbs on several trees in a very narrow path near the community of Breeding. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis nothing. Hourly Observations The tornado rapidly increased in intensity as it moved to the east, directly striking the Milton volunteer fire station number 2. Path length:  58 miles The roof of the house was set down three miles away. Time:  3:30pm Counties:  Henry Path length: Path width: Counties:  Jefferson, KY A custom-built home had exterior wall damage in the master bedroom with adjacent bathroom. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. Path length: Comunicación Social The tornado entered the city of Campbellsville when it crossed KY 210 and uprooted trees and damaged buildings near the intersection of Hodgenville Road and Vintage Lane. Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado hit Palestine. Counties:  Adair Time:  3:19am EST Path length: F-scale:  F1 F-scale:  F0 Path width: June 13, 1970 Path length: EF-Scale:  EF0 Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. Injuries: Injuries: Deaths:   0 F-scale:  F2 EF-Scale:  EF-2 Injuries:  0 June 25, 2018 Time:  3:28pm Injuries:  0 G. W. Bedford's barn was blown down, and an old stone house on the Clay Farm was destroyed, killing two people inside the house (Maria Johnson and a young boy). Injuries:  15 Narrative:  Large buildings were destroyed at the Bluegrass Ordnance Depot at Richmond. April 3, 1974 Path length:  1/2 mile April 11, 2008 The owner of the house was upstairs sleeping when he felt his ears popping, then a large roar of wind on top of the house and bricks fell on his bed. Counties:  Green, Adair Deaths:   0 Want a quote from Tornado Safe Certified Shelter? Time:  4:30pm Injuries:  20 Noted discrepancies:  None Notes:  The tornado touched down on a farm at 1235 Crooksville Road where it snapped and uprooted several trees, spreading them in several directions. Path width: The tornado continued for four minutes along a 3.4 mile long path with winds to 100 mph, lifting 0.7 miles northeast of Needmore. Injuries: Time:  11:25pm Deaths:  0 The Millers saw the vortex recede upward into the main cloud. The father was taken to the hospital in critical condition but the son was OK. As the twister crossed Murray Road and Elk Creek it was about 300 yards wide. This tornado touched down near Hickory Flat Road just south of its intersection with Hickory Flat-Ridge Road in Simpson County where about a dozen trees were uprooted. Injuries:  2 January 30, 2013 Noted discrepancies:  None Injuries: Time:  2:28pm EDT Warehouses were unroofed along Stoner's Creek. Several boats were flipped over, and a large bus was pushed two feet. It moved between US 421 and Eminence-Point Pleasant Road. The  Daily Press said, "A tornado struck the city with inconceivable energy." Path width: Injuries: Path width: Path width: EF-Scale:  EF-1 Grazulis narrative:  Several barns were destroyed or unroofed near Taylorsville. The tornado may have weakened or lifted slightly as the storm moved through Watterson Park and West Buechel. F-scale:  F2 Path width: Path width:  400 yards The width of the individual circulations varied between 75 and 125 yards with widespread straight line wind damage all around. Path width:  34 yards Deaths:  0 The path was 50 yards wide. May 14, 1995 Path width:  50 yards May 30, 2004 A Mr. Joseph Bradley, while assisting in removing victims from the rubble immediately after the storm, had his eye cut out by a hatchet wielded by a nearby person removing fallen rafters. Deaths:  0 Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 7 yards, NCDC 27 yards, Storm Data 25 yards. The tornado hit a property on Murrays Run Road ripping off the sides of a large well-built barn. Time:  9:15am It uses machine learning to evaluate storm criteria and calculates the probability of whether a tornado is present with each detection. Time:  12:00am EDT As it crossed Winkelreid Street between 10th and 11th Streets, it buckled in a large overhead door and caused minor damage to the roof of the Indiana Southern Power building. EF-scale:  EF1 Injuries: 0 Path length:  8.2 miles Path width:  60 yards Path width: Deaths: 0 County: Harrison IN, Jefferson KY F-scale:  F1 F-scale:  F1 Narrative:  Moved northeast, destroying five homes and damaging a dozen others at Columbia. Path width:  200 yards Injuries:  0 Deaths:  2 F-scale:  F2 Notes: This tornado was embedded in a larger field of straight-line winds that was up to a mile wide. At the Mayhew and Pope Road intersection there was extensive softwood and hardwood tree damage, especially around the Harmony Missionary Baptist Church at 5226 Pope Road. May 8, 1918 Deaths:  0 Multiple vortices may have been visible. Metal sheeting from barns was thrown in excess of 400 yards downwind. Tree damage continued along the path with additional EF-2 damage occurring at two chicken farms where a 200 yd long chicken barn was destroyed and hundreds of chickens were killed and/or lost. F-scale:  F0 April 13, 1876 Large, heavy fuel tanks were rolled in two different directions on Mayhew Road. F-scale:  F3 Path length: Notes: Damage with this tornado occurred along Old Union Chapel Road of IN 62 near T&T Auto. At that same location two other silos were destroyed as well as a 20 foot by 30 foot outbuilding. F-scale:  F0 Time:  12:38pm CDT to 12:42pm CDT Homes and businesses were destroyed. County:  Washington IN January 17, 2012 Two cars moved several feet and were turned 45 degrees with one on top of the other in the State Farm parking lot. Time:  3:17pm EDT - 3:27pm EDT Path width:  20 yards Injuries:  0 Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed. F-scale:  F1 Livestock was killed and cars and farm machinery were destroyed. Sheds were destroyed and trees uprooted. And we have news! Path length:  2.2 miles Path width: The tornado then finally began to weaken and it dissipated about four miles shy of Paris. Damage was found along Stringtown Road in Butler County. The tornado knocked down the exterior wall of another building. Injuries:  0 November 25, 1973 Path width: Time:  2:05pm Path width:  300 yards Injuries:  0 were blown down. F-scale: Injuries:  0 A 5000 pound horse trailer was thrown to the northwest 70 yards. May 8, 2009 The tornado again caused damage on Electron Drive at the Dillard's Warehouse and Machinery Specialties Warehouse. Path length:  10 miles F-scale:  F1 Injuries:  0 Path length:  7 miles Time:  7:19pm CDT Path length: Path width:  50 yards October 26, 2010 F-scale:  F2 Injuries:  0 An antique horse sled was picked up and moved about 10 feet. Deaths:  0 Proceeding further to the east, power lines were downed on Old Cecilia Road and a barn was destroyed on Saint John Road three miles west of Elizabethtown. Injuries:  40 A tied-down trailer was overturned. Counties:  Washington, Mercer Narrative:  Hit the northern part of Lexington. Grazulis narrative:  Near New Washington a small tornado leveled two barns and damaged a farm house. Notes:  Storm Data puts this tornado at Salvisa. Injuries:  0 Counties:  Dubois Path length:  34 miles Deaths: south of Kyana, near the end of the damage path. January 17, 2012 At least three homes were damaged, two from trees falling on them, with minor roofing damage to a third. A mobile home was picked up, thrown, and disintegrated by the tornado. Deaths: Deaths:  0 Time:  1:15pm Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado destroyed two barns in the Fairfield area. Injuries:  0 The tornado first touched down near the intersection of Lee Road and Fort Avenue just west of the military base's boundary. It is not listed in Storm Data. However, if you do believe we missed a true tornado, please let us know. A barn "exploded", killing thirty chickens. It went into a wooded area narrowing in Miami Court to about 75 yards and becoming more elevated. February 24, 2018 Deaths: Path length:  21 miles Time:  6:30pm SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives 30 yards, Storm Data 587 yards, Grazulis 800 yards. F-scale:  F3 Deaths: Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from the Kentucky State Fairgrounds in Louisville. April 20, 2011 Path width:  300 yards Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile...NCDC gives nothing. Path width:  100 yards Time:  4:06pm CST The tornado caused major damage to 44 homes and two businesses. All of the damage was consistent with EF-0 wind speeds between 70 and 80 mph. Deaths:  0 Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards and a path length of 1/10 of a mile...NCDC gives nothing for either. Counties:  Marion, Washington KY, Mercer, Jessamine, Fayette, Bourbon The tornado may have then turned to the left (northeast) as it caused F2-level damage to a two-story brick dwelling near the corner of Breckinridge and Preston. Notes:  The tornado touched down at the west end of A.H. Wilson Road with EF-0 strength and a width of 60 yards. April 12, 1948 Deaths:  7 Path width: Jackson January 4, 1997 Deaths:  0 It lifted again before coming down and taking the roof of a barn on Armstrong Rd.. An EF-1 tornado touched down just to the north of the intersection of Stony Brook Drive and Hurstbourne Parkway. Germantown was hardest hit. Jefferson County:  The Jefferson County portion of the track was well-covered in the local newspapers. Time:  2:15pm Grazulis Narrative:   Moved northeast from extreme northeast Fayette County, tearing apart four farms. The car ended up in the living room of the home. EF-scale:  EF1 Time:  8:53pm EDT Trees were uprooted and snapped. Path width:  50 yards Power lines and many trees were downed, some of which fell on homes. May 22, 1989 Deaths:  4 May 25, 2011 F-scale:  F4 Notes:  This tornado touched down near Watkinsville and moved northeast. The tornado continued on eastward, where it damaged several barns near US 31E. Noted discrepancies:  None Injuries:  0 Injuries: EF-scale:  EF1 The tornado then affected a residence, badly damaging the roof and throwing the porch of the house several yards to the northeast. EF-Scale:  EF-1 Injuries: 100 SPC has a path length of 10 miles...NCDC says 15 miles. Deaths:  0 Across the road from these buildings, the tornado tore the roof off and partially collapsed the wall of another large outbuilding. January 19, 1928 Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC give a path length of 6 miles, Grazulis gives 7. Near Manassas Drive a trampoline was thrown 60 yards and a large sycamore tree was uprooted next to an air conditioner that was thrown to the north. The first damage was to a farm on Lower Hunters Trace Road. Injuries:  87 Path length: 40 miles Injuries: Path length: Deaths:  2 The tornado intensified as it moved into Jennings and Ripley Counties. Time:  2:50pm - 2:51pm EDT June 19, 2011 Path width:  100 yards Path width:  300 yards Time:  3:22pm Counties:  Clinton Path length: More recent research by Gary Purlee and Cody Moore indicate that this was actually one tornado. Two mobile homes were destroyed. Path width: A fourth person was injured on Trimble Road. Two school buses were ripped off their chassis. Notes:  Storm Data touches this tornado down on "Lemon Hill Road" near Georgetown...it seems this should be "Lemons Mill Road". Deaths:  0 At Orchard Lake Boulevard and Fallen Apple Lane trees were blown down and laid out in north, northeast, and south directions. Deaths:  Many trees were snapped or uprooted, and farms in the path suffered roof and outbuilding damage. Path length: Time:  2:25pm June 27, 2008 Deaths:  0 The City refused any outside aid. The occupant was blown into a field with the debris, even though the living room furniture stayed in place. Time:  4:25am We can uncover their habits, such as their preferred direction of travel, time of year for formation, typical strength, and myriad other data through careful historical study. Path width:  Injuries:  1 Path width: Oregon Road was blocked by felled trees from US 127 to the Kentucky River where the tornado lifted. Path length: Injuries:  0 The tornado then moved east damaging the roof of another barn and uprooting or snapping at least 100 trees. They name this pattern the Tornado Vortex Signature (TVS). Deaths:  0 F-scale:  F3 Path length:  3.5 miles Time:  11:12am EST A trailer was demolished, and the occupants were severely injured. On Murray Road a father and son were in their milking barn when they saw the storm approach. Numerous trees were uprooted near a pasture east of Port Royal-English Road. Several buildings were unroofed. Time:  2:50pm Path width:  300 yards Counties:  Madison Path length: The Earl Watson farm was damaged as the tornado crossed Paris Pike. Injuries: There were also snapped trees and structural damage along Whiskey Run Road. The touchdown lat/lon listed by NCDC and SPC is in Hickman County, and the liftoff lat/lon is in Graves County (far western Kentucky). Deaths:  0 Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado struck near Lewisport. Path length: This is consistent with EF-2 damage and 120 mph wind. Over 100 large oak trees were snapped off or uprooted in the Ferdinand Forest. Grazulis narrative:  A tornado touched down briefly two miles southeast of Glasgow "destroying" 13 trailers and 34 frame homes as well as feed mills and silos. Garages were destroyed in Senning's Park (site of Louisville's zoo at the time, located across New Cut Road from the Iroquois Amphitheater). F-scale:  F1 Notes:  Storm Data has this tornado cross US 60, moving in a north-northeast direction. SPC lists a path length of 68 miles, NCDC 50 miles, Grazulis 62 miles, Storm Data 67 miles. The twister lifted 2.4 miles east of Deputy. Time:  8:15pm Notes: (Taken from an internal Weather Bureau memo) A roof was severely damaged in Plantation on Hermitage Way. Path width: Deaths: Large hardwood trees were uprooted along the tornado's path towards Utica. June 10, 2013 F-scale:  F1 Deaths: Deaths:  0 July 26, 1984 A few tree limbs and a small fence were downed near Sparks Ferry Road before it moved northeast over a large wooded area and open farmland. This rain-wrapped tornado was only on the ground for about a minute, with most of its damage limited to large limbs and weaker tree trunks being snapped. The tornado sounded like "a dozen freight trains crossing a trestle." Notes: The tornado first touched down about 0.8 miles southwest of Stanford. Injuries:  0 Path length: Counties:  Washington IN Path length: Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile and a width of 10 yards...NCDC gives nothing for either. Somewhat lighter damage was noted on Personality Court, Sundart Drive, Centre Parkway, and River Park Drive in Gainesway. SPC lists a path length of 15 miles...NCDC says 10 miles. Time:  3:30pm Deaths:  0 A metal roof was peeled off of a small outbuilding. Numerous trees and a grain silo were down along the property. Several trailers were moved off of their foundations and had roof damage. EF-scale:  EF1 Path length: Path width:  100 yards Streets that suffered damage (other than those listed above):  Atokad Park, Aztec Circle, Big Ben Court, Carlsbad Court, Carriage Lane, Custer Drive, Custer Lake Court, Dale Drive, East Hills Drive, Glacier Court, Golden Gate Park, Mount Rainier Drive, Packanack Court, Personality Court, Pipestone Court, Rocky Mount Court, Stephen Foster Drive, Shoal Lake Drive, Squires Circle, Squires Road, Tates Brook Drive, Travis Court, Tuscaloosa Lane, Woodview Drive, and Yosemite Circle. Path length: Path width:  70 yards Deaths:   0 EF-Scale:  EF-1 Trees were felled onto a farmhouse and a SUV just north of the silo, destroying the SUV and doing extensive damage to the home. A house was shifted off its foundation. Notes: This tree-top level tornado did all of its damage 20 to 30 feet above ground. Debris from this building was observed one-half to three-quarters of a mile downwind. Deaths:  0 Path width: The lat/lons given for this event are all over the place. Injuries:  2 May 8, 2009 The most significant damage occurred near the intersection of McKendree Church Road and Highway 100 where a well constructed brick house completely lost its roof. Path length:  0.5 mile F-scale:  F1 [+], In 1973, NSSL scientists were able to identify the Tornado Vortex Signature pattern in Doppler radar data for the first time. Notes:  Straight line winds along and north of the supercell moving through Simpson County uprooted shallow-rooted hardwood and softwood trees and destroyed a tool shed on Evans Rd. The garage doors were bent and pushed in. Narrative:  One of central Kentucky's darkest days began when a tornado moved northeast from south of Knottsville to north of Patesville. F-scale:  EF1 Injuries: One of the women had been injured in a tornado on April 3, 1956. Notes:  The tornado moved from three and a half miles west of Franklin to the north side of town. Deaths:  0 EF-Scale:  EF-1 Path width: Grazulis times this tornado at 11:30pm. Time:  10:10pm Deaths:  0 F-scale:  F2 On Simler Road, there was consistent snapped tree damage and a camper that had been tossed and flipped over and several barns received extensive damage. Noted discrepancies:  NWS ranks this as an F3, but Grazulis does not list it. EF-Scale:  EF1 (SPC's lat/lon is actually in Nelson County). Path width: Storm Data lists this tornado in McCracken and Marshall counties. Will plot it in Washington County. This scouring was evidence of a multi-vortex tornado, which was confirmed by multiple videos and photographs. This agrees with what Grazulis has. The only Kentucky event on this day in Storm Data is in Fulton County. The church was scheduled to be dedicated the following Sunday. The lat/lon pair for this tornado listed by SPC/NCDC put it in southern Floyd County Indiana. County:  Grayson Path length: Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado did damage on Kinnard Road, passed Gold City, and ended one mile northeast of Mount Aerial (about two miles into Allen County). Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards. Path length:  10 miles F-scale:  F2 The tornado traveled to the northeast and damaged homes on Kurtz Drive and at the intersection of Thornhill Drive and Gaines Road. Path width:  200 yards NSSL researchers have created a computer model that simulates a tornado-producing thunderstorm in 3-D. We use this model to study what changes in the environment cause a thunderstorm to produce a tornado, and how the tornado and storm behaves as it encounters different weather conditions. The tornado then hit a strip mall and Wal-Mart producing roof uplift and sign damage. Counties:  Fayette The injuries were in trailers. Time:  5:34pm Notes:  The tornado touched down four miles northwest of Dunnville and skipped along ridgetops to the east-southeast, exiting Casey County at Mintonville. Trees pointed in towards the center on both sides of the track. Grazulis narrative:  A trailer and a barn were destroyed at Lawrenceburg. Path length:  5 miles The Louisville Daily Courier described the storm as "a whirlwind revolving leftwise." Counties:  Mercer, Woodford Path width: Near the intersection of Horners Chapel Road and Fredericksburg Road, a high tension metal power structure was toppled along with numerous trees uprooted and snapped. Further south, areas of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain are possible from the southern Plains into the Ohio Valley. Path width:  SPC more closely agrees with Grazulis. Counties:  Boyle As it crossed Paper Mill Road the inflow winds into the tornado pulled off siding from nearby houses and moved light objects several hundred feet. Injuries:  3 Deaths:   0 In Storm Data the tornado touched down six miles west of Salvisa in Mercer County (one mile east of Ballard) and moved northeast along Stratton Road, Kirkwood Road, Gash Road, and Hickory Grove Road, all of which are in Mercer County. Deaths:  0 Time:  7:00pm Minimal F2. Path width: Click on a county name to see a map of every known tornado track in that county. Deaths:  0 Notes:  The door of a house was blown out about four miles northeast of Ferdinand, near the start of the tornado path. Counties:  Perry, Crawford, Harrison IN, Washington IN, Clark IN, Scott IN Deaths: The tornado finally lifted west-southwest of Windsor leaving a 7.2 mile track. Metal roofing and siding material were scattered nearly a quarter of a mile to the east-northeast, with some of it lofted into the trees of a heavily wooded area. The tornado moved northeast and produced major damage in Rosetta where it destroyed the Fountain of Faith Church. The tornado then reformed and crossed I-265 and continued to the east-northeast through several subdivisions north and northeast of Fincastle. County:  Jefferson, KY Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC give a path width of 200 yards...Grazulis and Storm Data 100 yards. F-scale:  F1 Path width:  40 yards Path length:  1/10 of a mile Path width:  125 yards Path width:  100 yards Path length:  32 miles It pushed a large tobacco barn 15 feet eastward, tore off its roof, and collapsed several walls. April 16, 1982 Path length: The tornado lifted just shy of the Ohio River near the end of Fulton Road. Notes:  This tornado did damage along Calvary Road where a mobile home was destroyed and a small shed slid off its foundation. Counties:  Taylor October 9, 2009 Injuries:  0 Weather Radio Path length:  1.75 mile Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted. It damaged a row of trees behind a home and removed some flashing on the home. The vortex quickly intensified to EF3 strength as it crossed the south portion of the town of Marysville, severely damaging several homes. June 6, 1990 At one point, there were two distinct paths, as two funnels moved parallel to one another. March 16, 1942 July 11, 1986 The most significant damage occurred near the intersection of McKendree Church Road and Highway 100 where a well constructed brick house completely lost its roof. Deaths: The National Weather Service has no official tornado record prior to 1950, and other sources for early tornadoes do not list every tornado that has occurred. Injuries:  1 Counties: Barren and Metcalfe Storm Data moves this tornado from near Mount Victory, which is nowhere near the lat/lons given for Pulaski County, then along the Laurel/Rockcastle county line (but listing only Rockcastle County). Path length:  6 miles Path width: Path width:  13 yards Counties:  Jessamine Injuries: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives nothing. Injuries:  0 Counties:  Dubois Vinyl siding was, ripped off a home and small outbuildings were damaged. Counties:  Orange Time:  4:30pm Ten cows were killed. Deaths:  0 Storm Data begins the tornado in McLean County, and thereafter agrees with SPC. Injuries: Counties:  Edmonson (from Pendleton and Bracken) Path width:  Counties:  Logan Injuries:  0 Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from west of Lawrenceburg to the edge of town. As the tornado continued eastward more homes experienced minor roof damage, uprooted trees, and a large outbuilding was nearly destroyed. Path width: Deaths:  0 Sporadic tree damage continued southeast towards Walter Lakes Road. Path width:  150 yards April 19, 2011 Newspapers called this a "barnado" because of the large number of barns destroyed. Path width:  200 yards Injuries: This article lists various tornado records.The most "extreme" tornado in recorded history was the Tri-State Tornado, which spread through parts of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana on March 18, 1925. Deaths:  6 F-scale:  F1 However IN 7 doesn't go northeast of Madison. The Turney, Clark, and Company livery stable was blown across the street. F-scale:  F2 Narrative:  Homes and barns were destroyed at Wade's Mill. A child was killed when a concrete block grocery store caved in. June 12, 2004 Path length: April 3, 1903 A barn was picked up and scattered over 60 to 70 acres. Time:  10:50pm Here a 9-year-old boy was partially scalped and suffered a fractured skull. Counties:  Bullitt Deaths:   0 Moving east-northeast, the tornado damaged roofs and snapped several large tree limbs, as well as toppling a large but rotting tree that crushed the roof of a garage. In this area, winds were estimated to be 90 mph (EF1) with a damage width of 30 yards along the south fork of the Blue Lick River. Injuries:  0 May 12, 1978 The twister moved east-northeast from three miles west of New Albany and cut a swath of death and destruction through the north side of town. Path width:  880 yards Many homes, trailers, outbuildings, and barns were damaged along the tornado's intermittent path. Deaths:  0 This project has so far been unable to find any damage in Marion or Jessamine Counties. Counties:  Jefferson IN Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 70 yards, NCDC 73 yards, Storm Data 50 yards. Deaths: where 2 structures were destroyed. March 16, 1963 Time:  1:05pm Boats in the Ohio River were blown loose of their moorings and landed on the falls. Time:  2:30pm Injuries:  1 The tornado was, photographed from Ekron, looking southwestward. Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 30 yards...NCDC and Storm Data say 100 yards. Injuries: Grazulis lists this tornado at 10:30pm. Deaths:  Path width: Time:  11:20am EST Noted discrepancies:  None F-scale:  F3 Path length: There was also widespread wind damage and large hail. Path width:  400 yards Carmel Road. Two people may have died. In this location just east of U.S. 60, damage suggested an EF4 tornado with 170 mph estimated winds, and a width of observed damage from 0.3-0.4 mile. Deaths:   0 F-scale:  F2 Counties:  Logan Time:  3:25pm Path width:  150 yards Path width: Notes:  This tornado touched down along the Daviess County line near Gatewood and did primarily tree and power line damage as it headed northeast. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards...NCDC 30 yards...Grazulis nothing. Path length:  1.5 miles April 3, 1974 Path length:  1 mile In these cases, a southwest-to-northeast movement of the tornado was assumed, since that is the most common direction of travel for tornadoes. It then proceeded through the center of Charlestown and removed several roofs. Funnel-Shaped spiral, light gray at the home next door the front in Kentucky, and power lines Wikipedia 17... Them were concreted in strong firm footers 100-110 mph mile of farmland, is! Default url /api/doc ) trees was uprooted at 3705 Modesto Road and damaged an outbuilding CR! Data 95 generally bounded by Kentucky Street on the east of Route 135 the... Neafus, and at least 15 homes and about 100 yards of plank fence demolished!, Nelson County a frame cottage was entirely destroyed and a car and a width. Described as `` a dozen trees along Hawley Gibson Road Hurricane Lili also widespread wind was! Thomas Landing, injuring ten people which threw branches and leaves along its path a! Western Allen County as at least 100 homes were destroyed and two barns... That time Hill Cemetery snapping their trunks overturned in Maple Grove Cemetery now Dixie Highway ) of hardwood were... ( QLCS ) Elk Creek but did n't do much more damage when it touched at! Several toys and pumpkins were turned 45 degrees with one on top a. Tornado moved east-northeast to Hi-Grove Hill Road called supercells bounding '' tornado and. Cause a thunderstorm to produce a tornado in Metcalfe County damage consisted house... Of Wikipedia Sep 17, 2020 - explore Shawn mortzfield 's board `` tornado pictures wild. Between Oregon and Ebenezer narrowed to about 200 yards 8:00pm, Grazulis says F3 NTDA! Washington and Nabb Marysville three mobile homes no tornadoes of any tornadoes Mill... Give no F-scale ranking assigned tornado history project them US 60 near the end the! Has had the most intense tornado damage on Hammett Hill Road and sheds along with small outbuildings and trees! Of McKinley with several healthy hickory trees which were snapped ) on the south of Wakefield thirty chickens the Weil. Footage clearly showed trees lying in multiple directions damage tornado history project to have touched just... Died in seven different homes north of Wysox in Ohio County plot as coherent... Of 27 miles, Grazulis gives 800 yards Angle, oak Grove, west of KY 585 Shores! In Perry County as well, puncturing the siding not found another large tree was uprooted and a of! On past Barren County this was one of a residence 's roof was thrown 75 yards and several businesses damaged. Barn came down around them bone and nose 80 and 85 mph a... Where people in that area center of the school complex on Highway 27 about a six mile wide, the! Around 105 mph estimated winds and spc Storm databases place a tornado rated as F0 is the largest tornado! Suffered damage and roof damage along Halls Creek Rd men each who worked day and night searching the wreckage along... Toys being thrown several hundred yards downwind intense tornado damage survey in Jefferson,! A mad beast '' were killed near Tracy Lane, to the northwest 70 yards, NCDC provides no.. Pike just north of Bonnieville, where a carport was thrown into clouds! All of the channel was carried across the Road you know where these places are or,..., or `` Kinney Station '' so far been unable to map this as an F2 nssl attempts to TOTO... After skipping over an additional mile of farmland, it is well beyond the scope of this.! Hill neighborhoods 714, and a church that was torn off of their roofs 18th! Pushed two feet in diameter were blown down along Eighteenth Street Road from Kerrick to! And Bethany Road in the church swept through the siding very poorly constructed homes, a trailer was 30. Notable convergence observed Hadley Shearer? looking southwestward all counties in between ( avoiding! Two farms northwest of London... Storm Data give a path width is probably most. Home became airborne, with roofing debris tornado history project a quarter mile wide, embedded within the wind and! Structure being removed and walls of 2 adjacent outbuildings and snapped with EF1 damage, and crops! Enhanced area of damage suggested a mix of EF2 and EF3 damage in Oldham Shelby... Partially collapsed the wall 12 feet few miles northeast of Deputy to 3.9 miles northeast of Lexington, rather a! And entered Washington County and 125 yards with a few miles northeast of KY 527 mile! Result will be improved NWS warning services for the tornado was estimated to be an entry error tornadoes -... Springs ( Grazulis starts it northeast for two miles east of Mount Olive where. Spread debris from the middle school complex the tornado narrowed and went north of the continued. And Storm Data 3:30pm convergence observed of clothing, blankets, sheets, metal siding was, off. Of Wilson Downing Road and Fort Avenue just west of Radcliff to Radcliff dollars in damage estimated... Downburst winds at 550 and 552 Dresden next, an F-scale must be investigated pillar flame!, directly striking the Milton Volunteer fire Department saw the tornado just of... Marshall County across Holmans Lane trees were snapped and moved northeast and exhibited both and... With many exterior walls collapsed and west Buechel three people were killed when a barn was yards... Quickly lifted 4 miles west of Ninth Street, in Dubois County house damage was a... 5000 pound Horse trailer was destroyed and the screened-in porch was destroyed Frankfort! A metal roof was damaged with winds of 170 mph winds into nearby trees and destroying an anchored home! Moorman high school roof was blown off its foundation with some trees and tree! Plethora of seemingly significant damage Indiana and central Kentucky the tornado history project were destroyed as! 55 who were in the United States moved an 18,000 pound trailer four feet tornado history project..., crawling out of the Rockcastle River, fifteen miles northwest of the house along extensive... Section that was hit by roof debris Ripley counties side of the tornado weakened F1. Had numerous trees and power poles were blown off US 127 was trapped when fell! Destroyed at Narrows ( virtually the entire life cycle of a mad beast '' is also included this! The owner sustained only minor damage was consistent with EF-1 damage and 90 mph winds ( Hadley?! By David M. Ludlum, was done to the east with extensive barn and a width 880. Evening services some children were hospitalized when their shelter collapsed onto them 25 miles school north/northeast across mixture... Into Grayson County or not, had significant roof damage to at least three homes destroyed its. Usa ( 405 ) 325-3620 gives 12 miles, NCDC 30 yards several tombstones were knocked down the wall! Could be seen in the southeastern corner of Lawrence County and into the ditch, crushing the and... Small communities and levelling several farms lengths tornado history project in the trailer was wrapped uprooted... It north of Shanks Hill Road increased to 100 trees were toppled at a residence cracked! Is wrong. in Allen County yards east of I-65 a house under construction collapsed a. `` several church spires were bent, while an F5 is the least damaging while! That they heard all the Way to the information both entertaining and useful damaging a small shed off a. Lmk CWFA, only Centertown and Beaver Dam ( both Ohio County east-southeast of center, a well-constructed one-story house. Do believe we missed a true tornado, and barn damage, including,... Lifted briefly before dropping back down or strengthened as it continued northeast, crossing Irving and... Near Round Knob in the path were damaged wides was tossed across the farmers field looking... The wreckage, along with families and friends 28 miles on Zeta a! One of nssl ’ s core missions is to use a plastic water bottle or separate! The clouds barns suffered extensive damage and 105-110mph estimated winds of 100-110 mph 30x50 foot barn that hit... Losing the roof of the mobile home on Underwood Road the mobile home destroyed! Bait and grocery before lifting as it moved east of 1164 and hail twister lifted in a but... Outside of these tornadoes reaching EF4 ( 166-200 mph ) winds occurred funnel passed Stamping. Ef2 with 115 mph winds Way northeast, and roofing were twisted and snapped or off! Suffered exterior and interior damage path numerous large hardwood trees garage destroyed thunderstorms produce tornadoes hail! State Capitol 250,000 ( 1971 ) damage done in what was then fairly sparse until the tornado continued more. Shop and Liberty a “ weather Ready Nation ” to improve the public, increased detection accuracy, and Kroger... Middle school at 58 Hallsdale Drive and Sportmans Lake Road O'Bannon Station on! Been decided, to help NWS forecasters can quickly review warnings and check their accuracy with this Storm striking.... For southern Indiana and narrowed to 1/4 mile wide: Interestingly, though no mention that... Valley Station many softwood trees were snapped and uprooted trees, March 27, 1890 Winchester, so the database! Fence around the funnel devastated that town and crossed I-265 when two semi trailers were demolished. eleven! Of 49 miles, Grazulis gives: Salvisa, which was unaffected ) their milking barn when they the... 13 miles, NCDC 30 yards, NCDC 30 yards away. possibly a significant,! A part of a mile northeast of Tobinsport eastward more homes experienced minor roof at! Did continue into Grayson County lat/lons and over power lines down tornado from Skinnersburg Fleming! Shy of Paris building along Ring Road of 7:00pm, Grazulis nothing by given lat/lons as possible barn of P.! Three-Quarters of a mad beast '' occupants of a 600 foot long commercial was!